Increasing the capacity of research, development and innovation through collaboration, initiative, education

Increasing the capacity of research, development and innovation through collaboration, initiative, education


is an association consisting of 18 companies, created with the aim of increasing the economic competitiveness of both the Romanian business environment and the members of the Association, both nationally and at international level.


NEW MATERIALSinitiatives that generate innovative products and services.


between research and development-innovation institutions.


and involvement in the generation of projects of common interest.



Livezile, Bistriţa-Năsăud County

– Automotive components of advanced composite materials

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Brand strategies


-Research, development and production of polymer compounds and thermoplastic elastomers

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Product design, mechanical and electronic engineering, CAD assisted design, research – product development, technological process simulations

Orăştie, Hunedoara County

– Production of plastic injected parts for car Indurstry

Orăştie, Hunedoara County

– Plastic Injection for consumer goods

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Research – development of new products, mainly in the plastic industry

Orăştie, Hunedoara County

– TIER 1 supplier for Dacia Renault

Orăştie, Hunedoara County

– Production of sporting goods, especially boots, roller skates and skis

Orăştie, Hunedoara County

– Purchase, processing and marketing of waste and injections of plastics

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Manufacturer of bath tubs, shower cabins and swimming pools

Timișoara, Timiș County

– Trade in plastics and machinery for processing plastics

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Easy, convenient, affordable vehicle concept for mobility in urban and sub-urban areas

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Management clusters, accessing finance, business development and management

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj County

– Management

Sighișoara, Mureș County

– Fireplaces, cooking stoves, grills, enameled dishes.


Romanian NEW Materials CLUSTER was created in order to increase the economic competitiveness of the Romanian business environment by creating and developing a favourable framework for the work of the members of the Association (current and future adhesions), both on National and International Plan.


Far-reaching projects for research, development, innovation

In the new context of global competitiveness, technological progress is one of the key elements of sustainable economic development. Therefore, a central place in this equation is represented by the research, development and innovation sector.

Percentage of expenditure in research – development – innovation:


In the government sector


In the private sector


We plan, organize and pursue actively:


  • Increasing research capacity – development – innovation
  • Stimulating cooperation between profile and business institutions, manufacturers and other entities
  • Facilitating enterprise access to infrastructures and research services
  • Identification and promotion of initiatives generating innovative products and services of interest to members of the association

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